What does Verizon have up it's dirty sleeves for Wednesday?

NEWSFLASH: Verzion has not release a flagship device this year. We're in May. Anyone else finds it highly strange that there are no flagships from the Number 1 Carrier? The GS4 is still not out (Date confirmed). The LUMIA 928 is coming (Date Confirmed). But they have been really lacking in the device department this year. And then came the May 22nd CTIA announcement posts. The expectation was, "Maybe it's for their S4". It's not, date confirmed. "Maybe it's for the Lumia". It's not, date confirmed. Anyone knows if this announcement will be a big deal or just network blabbering? HTC ONE Possibility, shit I sure hope so. Then there's the wild card....VZW's bread and butter. Motorola Droids. Can we finally see a Motorola device released this year? Can we see something unique come to Verizon? What do you think?