Bring the Galaxy S4 "Hover Preview" to Trackpads!



One thing is for sure, the industry is going mobile, laptop are getting old.

Windows 8 laptop/tablet hybrids? they're ok, but I would never buy one. Theyre not that exciting - I mean, Acer Aspire R7? what the flick is that shit. I still prefer a good old configuration of [HP probook 4530s] laptop (windows 8 and chrome os) for school, Nexus 7 for youtube, video,etc , and ipod touch 5g for music,instagram....

Back to laptops. Guess what makes my 2 year old laptop exciting... Fingerprint scanner? no. windows 8? hell no. Chrome OS? partly. The fact that when I'm running chrome OS my trackpad is so ultrasensitive that I can use it by hovering my finger over it at about 1cm? YES YES YES.

Its the most amazing feeling. Its a whole lot like the hover preview on the S4 and note (so you get an idea). This should be standard in laptops! I can use my laptop when I have food on my hands without making a mess!

sounds like a small little thing but its not. and now that I think about it, all those gimmicky features that the s4 has, Like the scrolling with you eyes and the pausing video by looking away would actually be pretty cool on a laptop. In general, what i guess I mean is that laptops should be more hands free.

And thats why I'm buying a leap motion. thank you very much.