Way not to upgrade to iTunes 10 and newest Apple software versions?

I've come to consider myself one of the greatest amateurs testers of Snow Leopard x the most recent version of OSX (at least on my MBP 2010 with a Core2Duo and 4GB of RAM). And I've also come to the conclusion that the OSes after Steve Jobs on full command of Apple are not quite as amazing as Snow Leopard (wasn't the SL the last keynote Mr Jobs gave on a Mac OS X?).

I have also noticed that the latest updates of Snow Leopard tend to make the performance poor in comparison to the raw 10.6 OSX (is that because of the priorities being all to increase performance mainly in the latest 10.7 and 10.8 and therefore increasing incompatibility issues with new software x 10.6 including iCloud features tend to be more and more common?).

This evening I've reinstalled Snow Leopard again (downgraded from Mountain Lion) and I'm afraid that any software update will tend to make the performance slower and slower. I also prefer iTunes 9 over iTunes 10.

I just came to a personal conclusion that no OSX after Snow Leopard is worth what people always have praised Apple for: innovative, sleek and beautiful but at the same time so simple.

Dont burn me but if I were to choose a new OS today it would be either Ubuntu or Windows 8.