Nokia STOP!!!!!

I have been a huge Nokia fan for many years. My first 2 phones were from them. I used to dream about getting the N8. I also supported their move to WP, but the company's advertisement is getting ridiculous.

There was a time, in the feature phone era, when the camera quality was probably the most important thing to have in a phone. Nokia used to have great cameras and thus sold well. But as the smartphone era took over, priorities have changed, but Nokia has stagnated.Literally the only thing they market is camera quality. Not even overall performance, but low-light images. The say the 928 has the best "low-light images", my response is "who gives a SHIT!"

Nokia thinks the only thing customers care about is the camera and push that to no end. The main highlight of all their recent flagships has been the camera. At every event, they unveil a buttload of new camera apps. But who buys a smartphone for low-light images? If I cared that much I would carry a point-and-shoot or DSLR everywhere I go. One might say only the one who keep up with this stuff would notice, but my sister has been seeing many camera centric ads everywhere and says "don't they have anything else to market?" Sure they do, their phones are usually durable, they have great screens, Windows Phone interface in beautiful. Market that, don't stick to one thing.

What do you think? Should they continue to release the same ads or should they show other features? Is this a safe bet or will they suffer from marketing the same things?

Disclaimer: Not a Nokia or WP hater, I'm just frustrated to see one of my favorite companies being stagnated like that.