The GS4 Active, What Is Samsung Trying To Do?

You know you're Samsung when your flagship device's design & build quality fails to compete when compared to other handsets like Htc & Apple, you're sore losing a** releases another piece of s*** phone, only this time its metal in hopes to compete with opponents, my stand on this: each company has one shot each year in making one flagship you either win or lose, and when HTC makes an all metal uni-body, you don't have to copy it and make yet another version of you're "awesome" "perfect" flagship to try to get it to rise and step up to your opponent's level, i feel sorry for the Samsung fan sheep who already spent a fortune on what was supposed to be the all time greatest "flagship phone" only to find that the company released yet another enhanced version, note that the GS4 already has 3 versions equally priced regardless of one being better than the other, for example the Octa-core has the same price tag as the Quad-core version, Samsung does not even bother high lighting the difference, In the Key-note they did not even bother mentioning that the phone is going to have a quad-core variant, they declared it as an Octa-Core power-house, The saddest part is that people never notice this, and they keep buying and praising these cheap made products and only few people appreciate the underrated phone makers like HTC.

And guys am just thinking out loud, do not take this seriously, its my point of view.