Windows 8/RT Facebook apps

I have tried quite a lot of fb apps on my RT device, and none of them worked well for me, for different reasons:

- Apps that are not just browsers for the mobile version of facebook, but real 3rd party applications, are unusable for me because they only show content from a few (probably 5-10%) of my FB friends - probably due to facebook's local privacy policy which requires certain adjustments in the users' privacy settings to support 3rd party apps (I live in Austria, users from the US dont seem to have this issue).

- one of the real benefits of a fb app would be a live tile displaying newsfeed, notifications, message inbox counts etc., and lock screen or toast notifications. Existing apps dont implement these well (I havent found a single app yet which shows the message inbox count or friendship requests on the live tile).

- Non of the non-browser apps are full feature - I think users need to manage groups, invitations, photo albums, fb applications etc. quite frequently.

- All the apps have issues with content layout - some with YouTube link previews, others with photos...

So what would a really useful, perfect fb app have to be like?

- official app (so that all the content and all important features, that are accessible in the browser version, are accessible in the app)

- more or less full feature

- adjustable live tile (or multiple live tiles) showing newsfeed, notifications, friendship requests, inbox count, etc.

- lock screen and toast notifications

- well designed content layout