My idea for Slingbox like functionality in the new Xbox but for games.

There has been a lot of talk about two versions of the Xbox being unveiled today. One being the typical high powered game console, and the other being a smaller cheaper 360 or a Roku like box.

What if the new Xbox acted as central hub on your home network, with the power to handle the latest and greatest games then stream them over your home network to the smaller cheaper box which could be hooked up to any other TV's you may have in the house.

This would allow you to play on any TV or play multiplayer on multiple TV's in different rooms without having to purchase more than one Xbox or move your Xbox around. The smaller box could also stand alone and act as a Roku does now, perhaps with the capability to play Xbox Live Arcade games, Xbox 360 games or Windows Phone games.

This would help Microsoft fend of the challenge that is being presented by Roku, Apple TV, etc. I don't think this is going to happen but I wish it would.