Hey Army! Thinking of Nexus 4 again, but have a request...

So i figured that i can easily give up LTE, camera (seems to me the sensor is good, stock software is crap), and more storage for a better stock experience so again thinking of picking up a nexus 4.

However, i would like to see screenshots from some of you nexus users about the battery life. Last time i had one, without rooting or anything and using it like i use my iPhone, it drained crazy and i had 2.5 hrs SOT compared to 5 hrs on S3 i had before.

So everything is fair this time, tell me what setup are you using, root/no root/kernel/rom/ settings etc.

And before this starts, one more condition:

90% or more usage should be on 3G, no 2G or wifi. My carrier only has HSPA or HSPA+ or LTE , no 2G. And i plan to use my smartphone while outside where i have really bad wifi (at work for example), and i plan to use my 6GB of data to the max.

If i can see 5-6 hrs of SOT with almost all of it on 3G, i will go ahead and grab one, even it means having to hack it, i don't mind.

No wifi heavy experiences please. Thanks :)