I don't want to like the Samsung Galaxy S 4...

But I do. For all of the critics lambasting the build materials and plasticky feel of the GS4, I can't help but to realize that it doesn't really matter - at least not to me. I've looked at the device on different occassions, and I do agree that it's plasticky, I do agree that it can be slippery, and I wholly agree that the entire device is a GIANT finger print magnet. But from what I've seen, the build quality itself is pretty good and the GS4 feels comfortable when I hold it and actually use it. Dare I say that it feels better to actually USE than the HTC One? Well...I do dare to say it. The GS4 feels better when I actually use it to do what a smartphone is used for.

If I'm just HOLDING the device and consciously thinking about which one feels nicer, the HTC One wins because metal just feels good. But when I start using the device, flicking around homscreens and websites, the plasticky feel of the GS4 melts away and I just forget about it because it's just so comfortable to use. I no longer think, "stupid plastic", I almost don't even notice the actual device. It becomes a window in my app, the internet, messages, etc. Maybe it's due to the big screen and minimal bezels. Maybe it's because the GS4 is rounded in all of the right areas. But when it comes to actual use, I can't help but feel like Samsung knows what it's doing better than HTC. I can wake the device from the side mounted power button or from the Home button on the face of the device; that in of itself lends credence to my assertion that actual use of the GS4 is superior to that of the HTC One. The volume keys are much easier to find and press.

I even like the subtle checkered design, particularly on the black model. I'm not a huge fan of SAMOLED HD, but the panel on the GS4 is really nice; however, I do think that the HTC One has THE best screen on any smartphone today (I compared the GS4, HTC One, and Optimus G Pro today).

Then you add in other flourishes like a multi-colored LED, a centered microUSB port, the removable battery, and I begin to understand why Consumer Reports rates the GS4 as the best smartphone, and why Samsung will be able to ship 10 million devices by the end of the month.

I'm not saying that I'm going to run out and get the GS4 by any means...but the stock Android GS4 Google Edition, what I once considered to be a non-starter, has suddenly become a very attractive option.