Samsung Galaxy S4 Music Video

Early this morning, at least for me, Samsung released an official music video for their newest device, the Galaxy S4.

The video features music from the kick-ass rockstar sister-kissing supergroup The Chicharones, as well as direction from award-winner Joseph Kahn. The story follows a young couple falling in love, starting with a simple "Hi.", though it seems to encourage quite a bit of stalking. Check it out for yourself:

The Chicharones, known sometimes as Josh Martinez, the People's Champ, and Sleep, of northwest group Oldominion, created a great song that, much like other after-market mobile accessories, seems like a band-aid on the broken thing we are calling the Galaxy S4.

I think this move aligns accurately with Samsung's recent past of trying too hard to be cool; bad acting, dancing, wardrobe, lip syncing, and all. To top it off, the Chi-Chis were barely featured - sans some astronauts and a porker mask. Maybe next time they will let Stuey Kubrick do what he does best.