New experiment: switching from the HTC One to the Nokia Lumia 920

I recently scored a cyan Lumia 920 on eBay for fairly cheap to play around with as a different experience from my HTC One. I can't help but feel smitten with the overall design and feel of the Lumia 920, the great camera, and the smoothness of WP8. However, I have really found the apps to be lacking, but perhaps that is my fault in that I have not been looking hard enough. So, I've decided to use the Lumia exclusively for the next two weeks to see if I can learn to love WP8. So far, I've noticed that the absolute essentials (Facebook, Pandora, Spotify, SNES/GB emulators, etc) work well enough. Itsdagram is really nice as well.

Anyways, are there any apps that will do the following:

  • Calendar that shows more than a single future appointment (like the stock calendar, which seems utterly useless)
  • Good news aggregator like Currents? I always liked the Bing News app for Windows 8, and it boggles my mind as to why they would not have developed discrete apps like that for WP8.