Why are the Verge writers upset by the One?

Just an observation, but a lot of the headlines have been extremely negative, and I'm not quite sure why. Does it matter that the One runs Windows (sort of)? Not really, but that has been called out, for whatever reason, as if it's a fatal flaw. Microsoft learns nothing from the mistakes of Google TV? That's a bold statement for an unreleased product. The Xbox will be a relative success simply because it is an Xbox, and it will find its way under far more televisions than the now abandoned Google TV platform, not to mention that it looks leaps and bounds better. I particularly disliked the huge jump in logic that since the Xbox is listening for you to say "Xbox on," which is a fun, neat little feature, into "MICROSOFT IS LISTENING TO YOUR CONVERSATIONS IN YOUR OWN HOME ALWAYS LOL". I like a lot of the features on the Verge, but it seems like they had quite a bit of hate waiting for today. Point being, I would rather wait and see how it pans out instead of passing judgment on an unreleased product. Just borrowing everyone's argument about why google glass is viable right there, but that's an entirely different beast.