I have a feeling Google Plus well eventually become the new Facebook in a couple years.

I have a feeling that g+ will become the new facebook in a couple of years. They definitely have the clout, being the biggest search engine and being able to use that clout. Not to mention that enrolling in gmail and youtube, remind you that you can become a part of g+. My opinion is that if you want to be ready for tomorrow, start using g+.

It's clear with this new redesign and update that Google was upset they never had a successful social business. Now they forcing Google+ down our throats as they make algorithm updates so we have to use G+ if we want to help improve our rankings/traffic for websites that we want to portray. The sad thing is, that Google will most likely succeed after their tactics have been in play for a while. People are slowly learning what g+ is. Not to mention that it comes on almost all smartphones now that have the android OS. Samsung continues to release quality products, and they use the android system.