Ok Verge, let's Hangout - The Google Hangouts thread

There's a whole bunch of Hangouts threads cropping up, might be an idea to keep discussion in a single thread.

Are you transitioning all your communication to Hangouts? How are you convincing friends to move over? What about the ones who refuse to switch? Do you need SMS before you switch?

Prior to Hangouts, what was your approach to managing the messaging mess? Me personally, I switch frequently between tablet, smartphone and desktop. I need to contact everyone regardless of device. The only way I could achieve this was using email as my primary method and then rely on an Android app 'DeskSMS' to route any SMS received on my phone into an email. Same for the reverse, emailing an SMS only contact from my tablet would be sent as SMS via my phone. I HOPE if Hangouts includes SMS then it is capable of something similar, i.e route messages to smartphone for sending as SMS (there is no Google Voice single number in the UK). DeskSMS did support routing SMS to Talk but for some reason this broke when Talk became Hangouts.

I've also noticed that there are some restrictions communicating with contacts who still have Talk (e.g Android version is too old) Messages sent to them as group chat don't get delivered and images don't work.