Innovation loses again

I got really pissed in 2009 when Palm had the superior product with the Pre than all the other Android devices like HTC Dream and Magic and lost. Only until 2011 did manufacturers start to make better Android phones with the Nexus One and original Droid. Palm got hit the hardest even though they had the best response to the iPhone, Nokia and Blackberry didn't suffer until much later.

Now, HTC who made the better phone than the SIII and S4 is losing and falling apart. They deserved to lose with the Sensation, but the One X and One are simply better devices, especially the One X.

Ultimately, it's not HTC's management that needs the blame, it's Samsung. Supply problems have plagued LG, HTC, and even HP, who was forced to select inferior parts because vendors like Samsung got all the good ones.

Google, if you want Android to remain an open playground not only on paper, but in the real world as well, you cannot let Samsung run rampant and squeeze everyone out. Matias's vision of Android won't even reach the masses if TouchWiz is still around.