Please Stop Complaining about Verge Bias and Microsoft

Because Its honestly not a good look

It makes it look like you're paranoid and can't recognize criticism and opinion from Internet trolling.

The Verge as a tech site is not about back slapping Microsoft but about offering their insight about the tech industry and Microsoft's place in it. You don't have to agree with how they think about Windows, Windows Phone, or the Xbox One, but be respectful of their opinion as they are of yours.

Honestly the Verge has been a solid source of news and commentary on Microsoft more so than others. They aren't the only ones and if you have this much of an issue with their coverage it may be time to look elsewhere.

The Verge staff is critical of Microsoft and that's okay, stop being asses about it.

But if you have to hate, hate on Joshua "Superstar" Topolsky for the Toxic mess.

(Last part was a Joke)