Left my iPad mini on a plane :( What should I do?

I left my beloved iPad mini on a United flight from Boston to Houston. Of my phone, my laptop and my iPad, the iPad was the one that got the most use. I've only been without it for a couple of days, but it is killing me and I've gotten no response to my lost item report with United. Which option should I take: 1. Run out and buy another iPad mini. I still prefer the size of the mini to the full-size iPad. 2. Wait and see if United calls me back. 3. Wait until new iPads are released. Originally rumors made it sound as if new iPads were imminent, but the latest things I've read suggest a September release. And before anyone suggests it, yes, I did the Find my iPad thing, but since it is passcode locked, people probably won't be able to get it connected to a WiFi source to report back in to Apple.