My Biggest Disappointment from the Xbox Announcement Update: Tentaively Not Disappointed



I can explain why I'm a console gamer takes three words: I have kids. Generally speaking, I have between one and three hours of gaming time available each day after my kids are in bed. I really value that time, and anything that gets in the way of that is bothersome. It's the reason I don't game on my PC (despite having a really capable gaming PC). I've found that when I turn on my PC and start up Steam, I inevitably end up having to 1.) patch Steam, 2.) patch several games, 3.) potentially install new drivers, 4.) start the game. There were twenty (20) Steam client updates in the past year. Compare this with two Xbox updates in the past year. Similarly, game updates take quite a bit of time on Steam. I often end up waiting 45 minutes for an update to download, install, and decrypt.

So this brings me to my biggest disappointment from the announcement: The Xbox One requires you to install each game before you play. If this is longer than a five minute process, they've lost me. I need my console gaming to be seamless. It needs to be convenient.

Now that's not to say it was all disappointment. I really like the multitasking demos, and could generally see a use for popping back and forth between several apps. Also, if the voice commands work well and are intuitive enough, I could see this helping greatly toward making the experience better. If "Xbox Netflix" was a command, my wife would be in heaven. In short, Microsoft, please don't turn your gaming console into a PC or I will have no need for a console.