With Xbox One, Skype is almost everywhere

With the Xbox One, Skype has now (or will) become the most viable multiplatform communication service to use. Skype is now on your desktop/laptop, tablet, phone, and TV. That's not to say that Skype wasn't on your TV with Xbox before but with the promise of how the Xbox One shows Skype and how the Xbox One is closely tied to your television, it's now a good usage scenario. I guess on the web would be the only place it is not…unless you count Facebook. Microsoft not only used the Xbox as a trojan horse to get the television market, but also the messaging market. Where the integration to other Windows products could be better than other platforms is their "Play To" feature that is in Windows. Imagine saying "Answer call on my phone" in case you didn't want to answer it on your TV. Or "Answer on s most closed system, it might as well work nicely with Windows products compared to other platforms.