Google Play Music Download Limit Problem

I bumped into this weird thing yesterday night and I can't find a solution for it:

It's somewhat well known that if you want to download your uploaded and/or purchased music from the Google music website you are limited to 2 downloads per song. When you initiate the download the site tells you about the limit and tells you to instead go to the Music Manager app and use that to download your song.

Once you fire up the Music Manager app you see 2 options to download:

#1 Download your entire library (i assume that means both uploaded and purchased)

#2 Download only your purchased and free songs.

Since I wanted to download my newly purchased album I opted for the second option thinking that I will always be able to do this in the future. But once I downloaded my purchases option #2 was grayed out.

So here is my question: is there a way to re-download _only_ my purchased music again and not the entire library using the Music Manager app or do I have to either download my entire library (alternatively download selected songs/albums from the website losing 1 download count)?