Why do you hate iTunes?

Even after the iTunes 11 re-design, I see a lot of hate for iTunes on the internet, even from Apple fans.

Just one small example:


Some people hate iTunes because it is "slow and bloated". Frankly, I think the re-design addressed a lot of this complaint. It is definitely snappier and slicker to use now. The only bloat at this point is that it still includes all the device syncing features, which brings me to my point.

Some people hate iTunes because they have issues with syncing. In the past, I believe this was the main reason that people hated iTunes. You average mom and pop user just couldn't wrap their around how syncing works, and even experienced users found syncing bugs.

Now, however, syncing is purely optional. Unless you have an iPod Nano or Shuffle, all of your iTunes apps, music, books, contacts, movies, and TV shows are backed up and available from iCloud. I really see no reason to sync with iTunes for the average person, but people don't seem to have fully caught on and continue to struggle with trying to sync their device. I hope that as iCloud becomes more comprehensive, Apple will be able to remove the whole syncing function from iTunes or at least break it out into a separate app. Syncing via a wire does feel like a relic of the early 2000's at this point, but I can see why they need to keep it in currently for iPod users and due to the gaps in iCloud.

Some people hate iTunes because of the store and "closed ecosystem" it represents. They think that purchasing content from iTunes locks them into Apple's ecosystem and resent the whole idea. This is true to some extent with video and apps, but music is DRM free and can easily be exported. And the whole idea of integrated store is part of what makes iPod, iPhone, and iPad such a pleasure to use.

Some people hate iTunes 11 in particular because they don't like change or miss some power user feature that is no longer available.

In conclusion, I know that iTunes has been around for a while and carries some legacy baggage. However, I am surprised by the amount of hate it receives even after huge updates with iTunes 11. I do wish Apple could remove the syncing features to make the whole thing lighter weight, but it honestly works great for me and doesn't seem to deserve all the hate from my perspective.

Do you hate iTunes? If so, what do you hate about it?