If you're a fan of electronic, disco, or dance music, you'll probably enjoy the stylings of Giorgio Moroder — he's been an influential record producer, songwriter, and performer for nearly five decades. He's also featured on a track from Daft Punk's new Random Access Memories album, which was just released yesterday. If you're looking for more from Moroder beyond his one-track appearance on the new Daft Punk, Red Bull Music Academy has a nice treat in the form of Moroder's first-ever DJ appearance in the US. It's a 75-minute live recording taken from his appearance this past Monday evening in Brooklyn, and it's streaming now for free on the RBMA site. And while Output, the club Moroder performed at, is apparently pretty strict about photos and videos, a quick YouTube video posted by an attendee will gives you a good idea of what to expect from the set. There's no telling how long the stream will be available on RBMA, so check it out now.

Update: We've got an embed of the stream below — take a listen!