XBox One VS PS4

It's to early to decide for me...I'm holding out for E3, but just by the looks of it and all of the confusion of what we can't/can do on the new XBOX, a lot of people are leaning towards PS4.

Gamespot has some data collection going on for its 'battle' and almost 90% of active participants are choosing the PS4 over the XBOX One. You can tell there's confusion in the comments from those 'supposedly' switching from 360 to PS4. Right now I'm leaning towards XBOX, I'm not a hardcore gamer -I purchase the same game each year on release and the occasionally play Kinect games for when guests are over. I mostly use my XBOX as a media center - stream movies from my PC/Hulu/Netflix/etc. I'm also with Comcast - So the live TV thing will work out nice with me (Eventhough there's no DVR ability!). So I like the whole one 'entertainment'/living room device idea.