Xbox One won't lead the post-TV revolution and here's why...

On the face of it the XBox one is a promising device that helps Microsoft to command the living room. It covers all bases,

  • Gaming Existing
  • Physical Media
  • Existing Cable Boxes
  • Internet Powered Apps

You would wonder what more could be needed to take control of the TV market... The big problem is the price point. We'll be looking at around £400 here in the UK for the device. For some people this won't be an issue, they'll want the latest gaming device and will appreciate everything else that comes with it. For others who are just looking for Internet Powered Apps however it's a different story.

I'm 28 and a casual gamer, I dip into my Xbox 360 once in a blue moon, mostly I'll play casual games on my iPhone. I'm one the edge of the target market for this kind of thing and there's no huge draw for me. The prospects of my family being interested are even gloomier, they have no games consoles and no one interested in playing them. My family does however have an insatiable desire for video content on the TV. They have a whole heap of devices for doing this bug nothing is quite hitting the spot fully yet. The latest device a WD streamer which has some great apps but a horrible laggy interface. If Microsoft can execute the video delivery side of XBox One then it would be perfect for them, except... that price point. Are they really going to lay down £400 for a video delivery box? I don't think so.

What Microsoft need to provide is a non-gaming version of the Xbox One at a more affordable price point. Keep the Blu-ray and Cable Box pass through if you like however these are going to drive up cost and are IMO dying remnants of the past. The good news is I think they're headed this way. The Verge has already explained that the XBox is split into 3 distinct areas; gaming, Windows and the layer which connects them. I believe this split has been made specifically to allow the Windows part to be pulled into a non-gaming device. For once I think they've got a massive advantage over Apple with regards to a competitive advantage, they just need to execute on it.

If they're not headed in that direction and truly believe the Xbox One is a device for everyone then they're in for a shock.