The Xbox One is genius

Dedicated console gaming is a dying breed. In the past, consoles had better graphics. Consoles were more convenient. Consoles had more functionality. With online game services like Steam and advances in hardware and software, consoles...are going the way of the arcade machine. Yeah. Archaic, single-use boxes which are to be slowly phased out with technological advancements.

But the console has one saving grace that the arcade machine did not have: location. The console is well poised to take over as a family or guest entertainment system. In addition to its traditonal role as a dedicated gaming box, today's console should be able to facilitate inter-personal bonding in various ways. For example, your classic set-top box can play music, video, television, Internet media, all that stuff. Consuming media with your friends and family.

And here's where the new Xbox One comes in.

Let's see how the Xbox One fufills that role. It's capable of doing all that a classic set-top box can do. It's more or less capable of smart TV tasks too. Add to that some Kinect-based group gaming, and the Xbox One is pretty much like the ultimate home media hub + bonding game machine + connected PC whatever you wanna call it device. That's also capable of high-end dedicated console gaming!

Instead of focusing on a dying habit, Microsoft has put together a compelling extension to its ecosystem that has a relevant, clear-cut use scenario. The Xbox One belongs in your living room, doing possibly anything that you could want to do through a television display in a shared room.

Adding capbilities that extend beyond gaming isn't like a sideshow or some extras here, it's more or less the Xbox One's raison d'être. Not only is it a next-gen gaming console, it's also going to be the most powerful smart TV system/set-top/group gaming machine on the market. And the only machine that does so many of these different things in one box.