If iOS 7 disappoints will you jump over to Android?

As of the beginning of this year, the niggling thought in the corner of my mind to convert began. It begun with small whispers, before gradually making it's way into verbal conversations with others.

iOS6 has dissapointed.

It has an array of features and fundamental loops, it has failed to cross-over. Primarily an explorer for all approved applications to access for utility and activating default status. Dropbox should be able to function, and remain a "springboarded' feature across the operating system. Much like Facebook and Twitter have been integrated, perhaps further.

Siri has been left behind in the roaring awakening of Google Now

Google has rolled on ahead with maps, google now, whilst Apple has remained at the point of repair. It's maps were broken and siri remained the same marketing feature it was not advertised to become.

The environment remains strong

Apple remains much in the lead with it's user platform. The App store model environment is not flawed and many simplistic tasks remain standard for the smartphone industry. Where Google and Apple differ, is enabling the ever-more techsavy the chance to sophisticate and develop various open-source features of the device. Do not pull the walls - just integrate the app store development further into the device. Enable programmers the chance to become a bigger part of the device without compromising the experience.

Windows Phone influence

WP7 brought the notion of homescreen previews and livetiles to the forefront of next-generation OS.

Mutli-tasking remains imperfect across the platforms. Can Apple fix it?

Ultimately, Google has thrown feature after feature into the cauldron of Android and it's working better - for the moment. Apple whilst previously in the lead have lost momentum in the software space. It must not change its philosophy but must grapple with the speed of development. It has remained in its comfort zone for too long and as users we are beginning to sense a lack of involvement. They have left the app store to blossom in the gardens of eden. The garden remains part of an environment - the joys need to spill over. Let innovators create throughout, not only under the high and admiring gaze of Apple.

Come by the 10th june we'll find out how involved Apple are under this new internal direction. Otherwise Android's abundance of features, par the maze of their app store, will catch more than just new users. The hardware is beginning to arrive, so will the change of following.