Didn't IDC Say iPad was Losing Market Share?

Just read this article over at Apple Insider where we can see that iPad completely dominates in e-commerce website traffic usage:


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Keep in mind that according to IDC's supposedly reliable estimates, iPad makes up less than 40% of tablet sales these days. Also keep in mind that Apple sold 19.5M iPads last quarter and 11.8M in the same quarter last year. So even if iPad dominated in 2012, with only 40% in recent sales last quarter it would mean that competitors sold 29.3M tablets last quarter. That is two-and-a-half times the number of iPads sold by Apple in the same quarter in 2012. Couple that with the fact that Web traffic share for iPad (i.e.: not just e-commerce traffic) is around 81% (as reported in February of this year). That means that even Apple's "head start" in tablets could not possibly justify a 90% share of online commerce and 81% of overall Web traffic.

Only two conclusions can be drawn from this:

  1. IDC's estimating methods for tablets are completely flawed and Apple is really selling closer to 70% of the tablets on the market.
  2. Buyers of Android tablets simply don't like to shop online or surf the Web.

I am fairly confident that Android tablet owners do indeed like to shop online and surf the Web, so that really only leaves one conclusion: IDC is way off and giving any credence to their estimates of Samsung sales is a huge mistake.


Many people have called these numbers into question in the same way I call IDC's numbers into question so I thought I would offer a few other points of reference showing higher iOS usage:

NetApplications / NetMarketShare:


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via chitika.com

Piper Jaffray Investor Analytics:


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GoGo In-Flight WiFi:


via blog.gogoair.com