Most Windows 8 Users Rarely Use Any Windows 8 Apps

For all the grief the tech industry has given Microsoft about its lack of Windows 8 apps (yours truly included), here's a funny thing: Most Windows 8 users aren't even using so-called "Metro-style" Windows 8 apps.

That means they are mostly using Windows 7 apps via the Windows 7 "desktop" mode, according to new research from Soluto, a startup that helps people remotely manage Windows devices.

Soluto looked at the activities on 10,848 Windows 8 machines and discovered that about 60% of them don't even open one Windows 8 app per day. Those who have a Windows 8 tablet, versus those with Windows 8 on a laptop or PC, use Metro apps more frequently. But some 44% still don't use a Windows 8 app every day.