XBox One | A Media Center Users Perspective

OK, I've watched the unveil a few times and read the response from as many sources as possible. It's clear there's a lot of speculation and everything written has so far been their interpretation of the same video we've watched, so let's keep that in perspective.

Microsoft is both making me incredibly excited and terrified at the same time. I find it hard to believe they would tout TV as loudly as they did and then present a solution identical to Google TV with IR blasters. They have something up their sleeve, and my hope is it's revolutionary. They had a collective grin while holding back the details, as if they feel they've cracked the 3rd screen nut.

So what is it? How are they pulling off what really did look like the future of the living room? If you're doubtful, unsee anything you've read and rewatch the video.

My predictions:

1.) CableCard enabled TV tuner. Network enabled. Something like the HDHomeRun Prime (which I love) Go to the XBox site. It says "Advanced TV Hardware Required" in fine print. What the heck is Advanced TV Hardware?

1a.) The HDMI in and IR Blasters is for Satellite STB users only.

2.) Media Extenders redux. Those rumors of the small box that did media only that was axed last minute, yeah they got that.

3.) Cloud TV. What the heck is this? I'm not sure really but they say it in the video, "a new Xbox Live, powered by a new cloud for ...,..., intelligent TV, ..."

My best guess regarding Cloud TV is online DVR. Play back your recorded TV on your TVs, Windows Phone 8, Surface, ect... Pause on the sofa, resume on the phone on the train to work. I can see the commercial now.

What do you think? Seriously, the Microsoft Office Labs vision 2019 videos really changed my mind about Microsoft. They seem to be really owning this now. Pushing everyone kicking and screaming into the future of technology we all so desperately want, but are so scared of when it finally shows it's head. "Someone tell me where the HELL my start button is NOW!" You think there's a start button in the future old timer? XBox On.