Beginning Photography: Mirrorless or Point N' Shoot?

Greetings citizens of the Lens! Just as the title suggests, I'm starting out photography and would like to get a recommendation on what kind of camera to buy. Just a few things first though:

1. I'm a bit knowledgable with the basics (apperture, exposure, focusing, etc.) and have been practicing for about two months now with my sisters' Olypus Pen (can't remember the model though, it's from last year).

2. I'm planning on doing photos and videos (which I'll do along my HTC One) of my future travels. So I'm looking for something portable and light.

3. I love taking photos (sorry if I sound stupid) with the "bouquet" effect. So with that said, the camera should be able to take good photos of those kind.

4. To a small extent, I want the camera to be good looking. Kinda digging the old school looks of the Fujis.

5. I have a budget of about $600. Can go over a little bit if needed.

So with those said, the cameras I'm currently looking at are:

Point N' Shoot: Canon Powershot S110 (cheap and good all around performer. very light as well) or Fujifilm XF1 (good performer as well plus it looks amazing. bit pricier than the Canon)

Mirrorless: The only camera I'm looking at right now is Sony's NEX Series. Maybe the cheapest one. Not sure. Looking for other options here as well.

So what do you guys think?