Great Reveal for Xbox One

I've spent most of the day reading various blog sites (i.e. IGN, Verge, Joystiq, etc) and they all have the same negative undertone and so do the comments. When microsoft first announced the reveal I thought, "Wow! Now I can get a small taste of what is next." The word small is slanted to show emphasis. Why? Let's start with the PS4 reveal. They only showed the controller and some games. Yes they talked about the features that would soon come but they didn't show any of the features. I am a gamer, so I knew that the games would be there. I wanted to learn about the console. E3 is for the games. Doesn't anyone think to themselves, "Boy, the PS4 only showed hypothetical slides of features to come whereas the Xbox One actually showed the damn features in actual use." This isn't a dig at the PS4 because quite honestly I really like what is going to come from them and can't wait to try it. But how is it that they got away with showing nothing about the console when MS showed a working console with working features and some games (yes, 3 games count). The reveal for me was a great start to something more. I'm a hardcore gamer all around but guess what. Eventually you beat the game, you wear out the multiplayer. In the end your left with the console. I had a game console that only played games and guess where it is now, my closet or sold in some 2nd hand shop. A console isn't about games, it's about an experience. Why go to the movies when you can wait to watch it at your house. Experience! MS created a console that will cater to gamers but also expand to encompass different areas that we all have complained about. Jack of all trades but master of known. Correct! I personally don't think they are going for perfection (although they may get pretty close eventually) but for great instead. My 360 is my Roku/AppleTV/Game Hub/DVD Player/Communication Center/etc.... How is it they mention all this cool stuff then get hounded for it. Most of the details are still murky but that was to be expected a little. I see E3 as the full grand opening. This was a small taste to say, "Let us get the hardware crap out of the way so we can show nothing but games at E3, which is of course where games should be shown with actual gameplay because we'll be able to spend 3-4 days doing nothing but that." Anywho, I'm just one guy. Personally I think they did a great job. Can't wait to see some games at E3 and to get more concrete details on the specifics of the console.