High Resolution is here...at Windows.

The Situation.

Intel predicted it way more than a year back from today. Starting this year opening the entry was the Toshiba Kirabook. Then Samsung announced their high res display which looks pretty great and I look forward to it on an updated Samsung Series 7 Chronos (or whatever it is called). Now HP has shown that they are not to be left behind. I was also looking forward for Acer's R7 to have a great high res screen. The next generation should have this option.

What does this all mean for PCs?

What I see is that MS had sent a request of some sort telling OEMs to make Laptops that have great displays because they are going to support it with Windows 8.1 Blue. This shows that MS is listening to consumers even though are seriously behind and still playing an catchup game to Apple and sort of Google. There have been many posts in this forum on requests for high resolution windows, here is the only couple I could find with the poor verge search. 1. 2.

What does this mean for the good of the tech industry?

As one of my favorite tech youtubers, Armando, points out with this comparison, there is not much that is optimized for high res screens. This is to a point where the highest res tablet screen is less sharp for many things than a poor surface display. Now all of the big 3 are collectively pushing for a high resolution world. This is happening because they all hate each other and need to compete. The Retina iPad and the MBP with 'retina' display has been out for a while, the recently push to 1080p on PCs, and Google adding a high res panel to the nexus 10 and CB Pixel are all proof of this. Sundar Pichai briefly and sort of randomly interrupted the smooth Google IO Keynote to emphasize the CB Pixel and how they need to optimize the web for better screens.

TL;DR: High Res screens are coming from everybody, are they worth the extra cost or is 1080p better bang for your buck, battery, and performance.

For me, I have yet to use a super high res screen for a long period of time but with my T420s with a 1600x900 I wish for better. I should be getting my Dell XPS 12 this week and I will see if 1080p is good enough for me. But I wish companies would sell the same laptops with better display options. Like Apple selling the current 15 inch MBP with Retina Display and its enourmous battery with a lower res screen for a little less. I could use the extra battery life