[Concept] Built-In QR Scanner in iOS

The Increasingly Popular QR Code

The QR Code. An interesting matrix of dots and squares. First invented in 1994 by Denso, they are popping up everywhere: from huge billboards to small posters. This is increasingly becoming an alternative medium of conveying information.

When you want to scan a QR code on your iPhone (or iPod touch), you have to download an app which scans them for you. That's counter-intuitive. You'd have to search for the App Store and wait until the app downloads and installs. After that tedious process, you can finally scan QR codes. However, in a world in which time is becoming a rarity, this is unacceptable. How do you fix this (nitty-gritty) issue?

A No-Brainer Solution

The solution, as you may be thinking right now, is to integrate QR scanning into the camera app. After all, you can access it with a swipe on the lock screen. Easy. This concept does exactly that, including a redesigned camera interface that may be included in iOS 7:

When the user taps the outline, it will either show a pop-up of the decoded message or the website linked within the code.