Podcast Suggestions? What are your favs?

Hey folks,

As the title suggests, I'm looking for tech podcast suggestions. Right now I only have two that I love:

1. Windows Weekly with Paul Thurrott and Mary Jo Foley. The dynamic between these two is pretty amazing.

2. What the Tech with Andrew Zarian & Paul Thurrott. Obviously I'm a big fan of Paul. He is very down to earth, you can tell he just loves tech. I really appreciate the fact that he uses every ecosystem and gives very straight forward assessments of what he thinks MS is doing. Sometimes he is disappointed in their decisions, sometimes he agrees with them. The episode immediately after the Xbox One launch is really great if you are looking for down to earth thoughts that move beyond the mindless XBox vs. PS4 battles (spoiler alert: He likes both).

I think the Verge and Engadget podcasts are good, but not great like the ones listed above (again, in my opinion). They tend to be engulfed in the battle of the ecosystems where as I'm looking for something a bit more technical. What are your favourites?

(Please feel free to suggest Google, Apple, Blackberry, Nintendo, Playstation, or anything at all! The two that I listed above are Microsoft related but at the same time I really like Mary Jo and Paul. So any podcast with great people in it will do!)