iRadio = Netflix + Spotify

iRadio = Netflix + Spotify = Wishful thinking ?

I'm having trouble seeing what Apple could do to really differentiate from other subscription services. The only reason for creating the long rumored iRadio (and it's a big reason) seems to be the following:

To keep up with the changing media landscape and consumer patterns.

Since Apple, through iTunes, have the gravitas in both music and video. Why not make it a bundle. A monthly media fee, that lets you access all the content you currently consume over scattered services. Maybe also include a book subscription service?

Sure, not everyone is interested in the music portion and everyone don't want a netflix-like service. But that could be adjusted in the price. You could opt out to either one, resulting in a smaller monthly fee.

Watcha think? Would this make you excited?

As a person who always want to crawl further and further into the Apple uterus, this solution would certainly appeal to me.