How do Xbox One/PS4 compare to PC performance-wise?

Hi, all.
With today's announcement of AMD Jaguar architecture for laptops and tablets, I am wondering - are next-gen consoles really powered by low-end hardware?

Anandtech, as usual, made a really thorough analysis of both Kabini ( and PS4/X1 (
-On CPU side, Kabini is at least 2 times slower than i5-3317u, an ultrabook Intel CPU.
-On GPU side, Kabini can't get decent FPS on 1376x768, not to mention 1080p.

So, okay, unlike Kabini, the APUs in consoles use 8 Jaguar cores. Which, as Anandtech reports, was achieved by making a custom solution out of two quad-core units. It is also stated, that the communication between those two modules is not ideal, so this doubled unit does not mean you can multiply all the benchmarks by two.

Then, both X1 and PS4 use pretty fast RAM, which is a must for APUs. But even with all that, can this unit compare to i5-3570k with, say Nvidia GTX660?