Once upon a time, two wandering adventures found a third traveler and henceforth would meet to high five and spend sixpence for a lager about seven days a week. This isn't their story — but do join us for today's Vergecast as we toast an incredibly long a news-filled week. And stay tuned tomorrow for Top Shelf... it may or may not be about video games this week.


  • Verizon calls in J-Lo to announce Viva Movil, a phone retailer with a Latino focus
  • Unlike PlayStation 4, prospects for indie games on Xbox One are murky
  • Xbox One confusion: Microsoft leaves used games and 'always-online' requirement unclear
  • Fountain of youth: with Tumblr, can Yahoo buy a new generation of users?
  • Yahoo unveils the new Flickr with one terabyte of free space
  • HTC in disarray: staff departures, 'disastrous' First, and production problems cloud company's future