Should I move from Windows 8 to OSX?

Currently I use a Windows 8 laptop, but have really started to think about what I actually need it for.

When it comes to upgrade, the way I see it is I have four options... Win8 OEM, Chromebook, Mac with OSX, Mac with Win8...and I don't have the knowledge to make a decision really. Price isn't a big deal on the whole.

My usage - Nearly 100pc of my time spent in Chrome. Used to use Word heavily (I'm a writer) but having just started using Evernote and I've realised it actually does everything I need in much more productive way. What got me thinking about this whole thing was that I can't really think of any programmes I use outside of the browser. Certainly not Metro apps, though I did try. Outside of this I'm an Android user and use google services pretty universally. Very unlikely would be moving to iOS anytime soon so no 'ecosystem' benefits to be had, but then I don't have any at the moment with Win8 anyway.

Win 8 OEM - The safe option, it's what I know. But all OEM laptops are universally acknowledged to come up short of macbooks, and when even google with it's first hardware can create a unique look it's so disappointing to see every OEM thing look like a MB with a different logo.

Chromebook - Would definitely be an option, but pixel is compromised, everything else is low-end, and I still want a good size hard drive for music and movies. I'm not quite ready to commit to the cloud yet.

OSX - I don't really know much about it. Can it fulfil my very few needs, does it get on with google/chrome nicely? Will it be a steep learning curve? What are the bad points if any compared to Windows? Indeed what are the big differences/or anyone else's experience of moving.

MB with Win8 - I know this is possible a couple of different ways. Why do people do it though? What would they miss from Windows that means they wouldn't just use OSX?

Sorry that's so long/vague...basically what laptop/OS should I get!