What do you hate (and love) about the iPhone Lock Screen

Hey guys, I am trying to make a really nice, well thought out mockup design for iOS 7 including all of the current apps and functions of iOS at the moment. I am going to go step by step with each part of the OS and get feedback along the way. I'll probably be releasing the final concept after iOS 7 is released next month so this will most likely be an iOS 8 mockup.

The Lockscreen

The lock screen as it stands today is an iconic element of iOS, users are very familiar with sliding an arrow across the bottom of the screen to open their iPhone. This element of the lock screen, the UX, is great in my opinion. Where the lock screen begins to fail is notifications and the stagnant clock at the top of the screen. In my opinion the camera grabber was a very nice addition in iOS 5 (I think, sorry if I got that wrong).

What are some of the ways you think the lock screen could be improved?

What do you hate about the lock screen?

What do you love about the lock screen?

Once it seems like I have enough input from this post, I'm going to start mocking up and designing a "rough draft" of my new lock screen design. I already have a few features I want to add. Then once I'm done I am going to show you the rough draft with some explanation. Thanks :)