Why choosing a Xbox One over a Playstation 4 (for now...)


After read and watch lots of videos, articles and opinions about the recently announced Xbox One, I have to say one thing: If I had to choose a new console right now, I would choose the One. But, why? Let me explain you a little bit...

When Sony announced their new gaming console, I was super excited, all that high-res games, that feeling of next gen games and features... I was sure that Microsoft would have to make a big effort to be at that level. And then, we were at the Xbox Reveal Event.

We already knew almost everything about that new device: A new kinect, a Blu-Ray drive... All the stuff that we predicted were there. But the big thing came when we saw all the other capabilities of the Xbox. Because this is not a gaming console anymore, this is more, a lot of things more. It's a gaming console, it's a Internet browser, It's a tv set top box and a media player.

And that's the point that makes the difference between these two consoles. One of them, the Playstation, is for gaming, watch movies and for some occasional time browse the Internet. But the Xbox offers more, it gives you the opportunity of watch TV or a film, view two apps at a time and, of course, play at the same level as a Playstation.

Of course, this is just a personal conclusion about two different consoles, and that one of them hasn't even been showed completely (not even the device itself) but I say, that if i had to choose a console before the E3 starts, I would choose the Xbox One over the Playstation 4.

What do you think?