On SoftBank, Dish, and Sprint

Who will own Sprint? We have yet to find out. But, there's one company that has been lobbying heavily against the other. One of the companies is a satellite television company, while the other is a foreign telecom. If you haven't heard who these companies are, who would you trust more: the telecom or the satellite provider?

SoftBank is a Japanese telecom and internet provider. They are large in Japan, and are one of the two companies attempting to purchase Sprint. The other is Dish Network, an American satellite TV provider. Both Dish and SoftBank were founded in the very early '80s.

SoftBank has purchased quite a few companies, and own (parts of) many tech companies. A notable few are Vodafone Japan, Yahoo Japan and even UStream. When SoftBank bought Vodafone, it created a new telecom: SoftBank Mobile. SoftBank has quite a few subsidiaries.

Dish, on the other hand, hasn't done much. They bought a few companies, but basically sat on them. The most recent was Block Buster who, very much like they are attempting to do now with Sprint, was purchased because it was cheap, and would easily add another outlet for business.

I'll let you decide why you might like / hate these companies, but look at this:


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via i.imgur.com

If you didn't notice yet, those are attack ads made by Dish. They claim that SoftBank purchasing Sprint would be a threat to national security. Clicking on those ads brings you here, which starts off with a license agreement.

That site that I listed above has the following paragraph:

Sprint/SoftBank would be the only U.S. based tier-one network controlled by a non U.S. company

All other U.S. tier-one networks – AT&T (U.S.) 1, CenturyLink (U.S.) 2, Level 3 (U.S.) 3, XO Communications (U.S)4, Verizon (U.S.) 5, and Zayo Group (U.S.) 6 – are controlled domestically.

T-Mobile is owned by a foreign company, as are many other countless companies that exist within the US. Oh and did you notice, T-Mobile isn't on that list?

Those ads are showing on the hope page of Politico, and show with every machine I visit on. They must be paying a pretty penny for those ads.

I think these ads are really sad and unnecessary, but I digress.

What do you think? Who would be a better owner of Sprint: Dish, SoftBank, or maybe somebody else?