HTC One "Google Edition" is a double edged sword, at least for me.

During the Google I/O announcement of the Galaxy S 4 "Google Edition,' I instantly fantasized at the thought of HTC doing the same thing with the HTC One.

My hopes and prayers were immediately answered when an HTC rep tweeted "we're doing it too" and then quickly kiboshed when it was followed by an official statement from HTC denying any plans for such a device.

Now that the rumor is back on, and I've spent almost a month with the HTC One, as much as I LOVE stock Android (came from a Nexus 4 and Galaxy Nexus before that) I can't see myself wanting to give up HTC's stock camera software (along with other additions, i.e. boomsound).

Yes, I know, the folks and XDA will have a work around up and running within weeks. I get that. But I just feel that Android's matured so much (especially on the One and GS4 respectively) that doing all the extra leg work is just... counter productive (or maybe I'm just getting old and lazy).

I love the Nexus experience above any OEM skin, but I'm just hoping that if HTC does release this device, that they hopefully create a suite of their HTC One apps that folks can download as well.

Thoughts? Am I the only HTC One owner that feels this way?