Microserfs: a weekly community thread- Three screens and a cloud (May 24 - 30)

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Greetings Microserfs! Another week, another post.

And what a week it was! This week we saw Microsoft take to the stage in its giant tent (which even had its own Twitter account) to show off their vision of the next generation in video games and entertainment. A new system, a new Kinect, and a new controller were introduced in a presentation dominated by entertainment announcements, with a fair amount of details relating to the brand's roots: video games, with more to come at E3. For all your Xbox One news and announcements I've provided some links below:

The Verge's Story Stream | Polygon's Story Stream | The Verge/Polygon Reaction

But what I really wanted to talk about this week is the "three screens and a cloud" promise that Microsoft has been dancing around for a little while now. Between Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox, Microsoft has a great opportunity to capitalize on its very large user base and utilize its incredible resources and infrastructure to provide a fully integrated, 3 dimensional computing, entertainment, and social experience. Anand Lal Shimpi, of AnandTech, wrote something that I found very interesting. With the announcement of the new software architecture of the Xbox One, Microsoft presented something very thought provoking. I'll quote the last paragraph of Shimpi's piece here:

Arguably the most interesting thing in all of this is the dual-OS + hypervisor software setup behind the Xbox One. With the Windows kernel running alongside the Xbox OS, I wonder how much of a stretch it would be to one day bring the same setup to PCs. Well before the Xbox One hits the end of its life, mainstream PC APUs will likely be capable of delivering similar performance. Imagine a future Surface tablet that was capable of doing everything your Xbox One can do. That's really the trump card in all of this. The day Microsoft treats Xbox as a platform and not a console is the day that Apple and Google have a much more formidable competitor. Xbox One at least gets the software architecture in order, then we need PC/mobile hardware to follow suit and finally for Microsoft to come to this realization and actually make it happen. We already have the Windows kernel running on phones, tablets, PCs and the Xbox, now we just need the Xbox OS across all platforms as well.

What do you guys think? Is this new software setup the future of Microsoft's three screen promise? Do you think Xbox will be the common thread between the screens? What is your ideal vision of what a three screen set up would look like?

Sound off in the comments on what you think about the future of Xbox, Windows, and Windows Phone and how they'll work together to fulfill Microsoft's three screen promise!