Using WP8 (HTC 8S) as a dedicated music player

My iPod Nano (4G) is dying and I was thinking of buying a replacement . My options are either the new iPod Nano or the iPod Touch.

I was wondering if instead of going the Apple route, I could just buy a 8S and use it as a dedicated music player. I already own a Lumia 620 (AMAZING!) and I really love the online music players. There is BBC Radio, Tunein, Beem for Sky, Beem Plus, Nokia Music, Audiocloud, Mixtapes, Sleeve, Youtube (You can start a playlist and switch off the screen). Plus they're all free! Add to that the Xbox Music Pass and my own collection.

I can delete all the tiles (even the phone, people and me tiles) and replace them with my favourite Artists, Albums, Playlists, Genre tiles, my Music apps and so on. I think the layout will look amazing.


1. The windows software to sync music sucks - I can use a software like Media Monkey

2. The music player is not that user friendly - Are there any alternatives on the app store?

3. The sound quality and volume levels on my 620 are not that great - Is the 8S better?

Can anyone help me with these questions?