Dealbreakers: How Microsoft is Pushing Away It's Customers with the Xbox One



So the past several days of information (and misinformation) surrounding the Xbox One have left me in a strange place. I'm an avid gamer. I purchased seventeen retail games and a about as half as many XBLA games in the past year. I buy the DLC for most every game I play. I like the media features of the 360. I even like Kinect.

I was really expecting the announcement of the Xbox One to be one that left me really want a new Xbox. Instead, I've been struggling with a few things, particularly the used games debacle and online requirements of the Xbox One.

The online requirement is a less concerning one. I have fast DSL (yes, that does exist and I get a reliable 10Mbit down/1-2Mbit up). DSL, because it is based upon phone lines, is treated as a utility and it's almost never down. I've lived in my home for four years, and it has NEVER gone out. I know I'm in the minority here. I used to have Comcast cable in my old apartment, and it was out all the time (sometimes for days). Rural areas will suffer greatly from this online DRM (let's be honest, it has little to do with "offloading processing"). It likely has to do with Microsoft looking at how much more money they could make if everyone was a Live subscriber.

Used games is another issue altogether. I rely on used games as a way of playing games that fall on the fringes of my tastes. I would have never played Deus Ex or Halo Reach were it not used games. If Microsoft goes the Steam route, I WILL NOT BUY AN XBOX ONE.

It comes down to trust. I don't trust Microsoft to be as price-friendly as Valve has been. Microsoft has a history of squeezing every penny out of their customers, with policies like paywalling Netflix and Internet Explorer behind Xbox Live. They also have a history of really shitty game sales. Look at their Games on Demand prices if you need proof. Crysis 3 is selling for $59.99 on Games on Demand despite the fact that you can buy a NEW PHYSICAL DISK THAT YOU CAN RESELL on Amazon for $37.98 or a used copy in excellent condition on Glyde for $24.25. It's ludicrous. The reason people love and use Steam is because they have a history of being friendly to price-sensitive consumers. Microsoft doesn't have that history.

So, please sound off below. I'm interested to hear how you all feel about the future of the Xbox One, PS4, and console gaming in general.