Voice Control Opinion

People criticize voice control. With the announcement of the Xbox One, it's the but end of so many technology jokes on the web. It often gets the wrong words form your speech with no way to correct and is cumbersome compared to keyboard typing. I'd like to hear what people have to say about voice, regarding what I'm about to say.

Voice control works fantastically, IF you're in a quiet room, speaking the right dialect, and speaking clearly without being lazy (we all do it). People like to pick and pry at the weaknesses of voice control, such as excess noise in the area, other people speaking over the target user, or not being able to understand out daily drawl of speech, which, if you're anything like me, can be downright atrocious.

My point is, the technology works wonderfully well if you use it with care. It's just like touch, you have to make precise and deliberate contact with a screen to make it do what you want it to (or you'll select the wrong thing on a web page, or scroll it the wrong way). We often have to ask people to repeat things when we talk to them, so why would such young technology be any better at detecting our words?

I believe the criticism may be due to people's ignorance or lack of willing to learn or even try a new interface or system.

My question is, why do people make fun of and criticize voice control when most of the time it's our fault it doesn't work properly? Did you have to learn how to use a computer the first time you sat down at one? Voice is a completely new system, interface, and should be treated as such.