Please Advise


so I let my friend use my iPhone 5 for a day and he toasted it... (accidentally dropped it while riding a bike... don't ask. lol) needless to say he's not getting any of my tech ever again. Long story short, my phone is fairly busted: the screen is shattered, the mic doesn't work and the radios (i.e. wifi, bluetooth, cellular) just turn off from time to time. my friend has offered to pay for my iPhone to be repaired or to buy me a new one if need be.

I was just wondering: should I make the switch to Android? If I were to do that, I would only want to go for a Nexus phone... but now that the HTC One might be getting nexus software, I would seriously consider it. My only downsides are that all of my music is in iTunes (most of it was bought on iTunes) and most everything else I own is in Apple's ecosystem (i.e. iCloud documents, email, etc.)

I'm so torn. Do I stick with iOS and hope and pray that iOS 7 is awesome, or do I try something new like a Nexus 4 or an HTC One nexus (lol that's going to get confusing #nexusone)?


P.S. Please don't suggest a GS4. I loathe Samsung's design aesthetic with a passion. :-)