'Fast & Furious 6' — the place for spoilers (and more explosions)


So you've read our review of Fast & Furious 6 and witnessed the spectacle for yourself? This is the place to talk about all the ridiculous and oh-so-amazing specifics. It's no-holds-barred, so drop as many spoilers as you like.

Here's what I'm wondering about:

WARNING: spoilers ahead!

So I can't get over how much focus is placed on series continuity while continuity within this actual movie is totally glossed over. Most everything that happens is ignored: Hobbs needs Dom's crew because Shaw has been robbing military convoys, but later on when the team is guarding a military base, it's a shocking revelation that Shaw is really attacking a convoy. An early set piece features Shaw driving a crazy F1-inspired "flip car," which is basically a rolling steel ramp that makes other cars fly, but they're never seen again. Shaw explicitly threatens Dom's family, but he doesn't think about, you know, calling them. Dom is with Elena now, but when Letty reappears she just like, takes off. Never mind about that whole throwing her life as a cop in Brazil away and the fact that Letty doesn't actually remember Dom. See you later.

I also found the lengthy stretch in the middle of the film where there's virtually no action, just exposition as Brian goes to LA for no reason to be totally weird — only super die-hard Fast fans care that they've managed to link Braga to Shaw, and the link itself doesn't mean anything. There's no OH DAMMMMM BRAGA — it's more like, who? This guy? Okay. And all that hype about Brian being found out in jail never paid off — he just got the info he needed and bailed. He could have made a phone call.

Similarly, when it's revealed Hobb's rookie is a double agent for Shaw, it literally doesn't matter — there are no consequences. We just switch to rooting for Letty the next time they fight.

Don't get me wrong, I had a blast watching this movie, and the audience I was with was cheering loudly. But the writing really paled in comparison to the action this time around — there was just nothing clever or interesting about why any of these things were happening. That's why Fast Five was so good, after all.