HTC Phablet?

So I've had my HTC One for over a month now and really love, but I miss the larger screen and battery life of my former Note 2.

Right now I think I will wait until the Note 3 is released and sell my One to get that, however there are several things I prefer with the One. I like sense much better than touchwiz, I like lcd3 better than the amoled Samsung uses as I'm in Florida and the screens on Samsung phones are almost unusable in sunlight and I prefer the color tones, the front facing speakers, and of course the design.

If HTC were to make one with the same design as the One, 5.5-6" HD lcd3, snap dragon 800, boom sound, and a 3,500+mah battery I'd be all over it and would prefer something like that over what is likely going to the next Note, but I haven't heard anything about an HTC made phablet. I've been searching google and the only things that come up are articles about the HTC Butterfly, which isn't really a phablet.

Has anyone here heard anything about the possibility of one? I think HTC would be dumb to ignore this segment after they were the ones who first ushered in the big screen type phone, I cant be the only one who would prefer one over the Note.