How Fallout: New Vegas helped me get over m ex-girlfriend.

You no longer love me, you said we must part, and all I have left is a hangover heart.. It was fall of 2012 and right before my second semester of college my girlfriend of 8 months broke up with me. She said the whole its not you its me spiel, along with the whole its not like your never going to see me again/ we can still be friends spiel. Needless to say I was devastated and went into a very deep depression. I put up a façade like I had in the past when I get depression. I told my parents I'm fine, things are going okay at school etc. In reality life without Meghan (my ex) meant a life not worth living. I just stopped caring about friends, about school, about church, about life really. Then right before Thanksgiving break I saw Fallout: New Vegas on Steam for a good price. I immediately bought it and let it download while I was at work. As soon as I got home I dove into the Mojave Wasteland. Then I heard it the song that made me go "I totally know that feel bro" Its a sin my darling how I love you because I know are love could never be, Its a sin to keep this memory of you when silence proves that you've forgotten me.. It was this song (It's a Sin by Eddy Arnold) that gave me all of the feels. I probably was crying when I heard it. It described all my feelings so perfectly. Meghan had found a new boyfriend and they had moved in together and basically had everything I had ever wanted with her. Yet in the end it didn't matter, I was never going to get her back so I had to move on. Indeed it was a sin to keep the letters she wrote me, the photos of us etc. So by the time Christmas rolled around I was feeling much better. By the time I started school again for the spring I had gotten over her. So in the end in addition to my good friends who helped me some during my whole ordeal. The music of Radio New Vegas, and Mojave Mountain Radio really just pushed me to get over a girl I had loved so deeply for so long. I hope you enjoyed my story! Has anyone else ever found a videogame helped them get over a breakup? Or any kind of problem you were having?